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Phentermine Rx Online Doctor Entries are now open for all Poultry Classes. Please download the schedule below which also contains the relevant application forms.

Buy Adipex Online 2014 Poultry schedule 2017

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  1. Bantam Hard Feather
  2. Bantam Heavy Soft Feather
  3. Bantam Light Soft Feather
  4. True Bantam
  5. Large Hard Feather
  6. Large Heavy Soft Feather
  7. Large Light Soft Feather
  8. Large Waterfowl
  9. Bantam Waterfowl
  10. Best Laying Hen – can be crossbred
  11. Junior under 16

Where To Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online http://shawnmartinbrough.com/buy-adipex-online-cheap/ Prizes   1st €10           2nd €8       3rd €6

Order Phentermine 37.5 Canada Buy Adipex In Australia Entry €4 per bird. Entries close Phentermine Online 2013 Monday 14th august.

Download an entry form and send to:

Rosaleen McDonald

Saleen Pier